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Memphis Academy for Health Sciences

MAHS was the first public charter middle school to open in Tennessee. The Reverend Derrick Joyce and The 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc. sponsored the school. MAHS is a year-round school that is open 8 ½ hours each day. The goals of MAHS are to prepare urban students for high school and for participation in the burgeoning health sciences market in Memphis. In 2008, MAHS expanded operations by opening a high school. The school is headed by Curtis Weathers, a former professional football player.

Visit the MAHS website www.mahsmemphis.com/home.htm

KIPP Delta College Preparatory School

KIPP Delta College Preparatory School (DCPS), located in Helena, Arkansas, was established in 2002 as an academically intensive college preparatory school in an effort to meet the educational needs and desires of the Delta community. KIPP was founded upon the premise that it could change the outcome of a child’s life through education. The belief was that high expectations could overcome the obstacles created by race, economics, and environment. KIPP Delta serves nearly 300 students in fifth through tenth grades.

Visit theKIPP Delta website www.deltacollegeprep.org

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