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Parents in Mississippi care about their children’s education. But Mississippi parents don’t have options that are available to parents in more than 30 other states including Arkansas, Tennessee, and Louisiana. In those states, some just a stone’s throw away, parents can choose to send their children to a “traditional” public school or a “charter” public school. Mississippi’s laws don’t allow that option – yet.

A Stone’s Throw is a short film which demonstrates the desire of Mississippi parents, teachers, pastors, and students to have more public school options. It also features two charter public schools – one that is just across the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, and one that is just across the state line in Memphis, Tennessee. Their methods are different, but their results are the same – successful students, fulfilled teachers, and satisfied parents!

A Stone’s Throw is part of a major initiative by the Mississippi Center for Public Policy to press for major reforms to Mississippi’s charter school law. The goal of their Charter Public School Initiative is “to ensure that Mississippi has charter schools that are widely available and successful.”

Visit ParentPower.net to learn more about charter schools or to get involved.


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